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Restoring poor, exploited, disenfranchised women and children of India by shaping and transforming shattered lives one at a time.

The Women and Children The most tragic victims of suffocating poverty—and the most helpless—are the children. While India rapidly develops on the global technological and economic scene, it is home to hundreds of millions who live below the poverty line. Mukti Mission US has been bringing Hope, Healing, and Life to women and children under the care of Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission in India through our prayers, financial support, and volunteerism for over 128 years! Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission's heartbeat is to restore the hope lost by the children of India, bring healing to the scars they have experienced from this lost hope, and to empower them to life!

The women and children need YOU to stand with them. Partner with us today!

Why We Exist

We seek to glorify God and help fulfill the Great Commission in India by stimulating people in the USA to be aware of and support the purpose of Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission.

Our Vision

Restoring poor, exploited, disenfranchised women and children of India by shaping and transforming shattered lives one at a time.

How We Are Achieving

We seek to rescue, empower, educate and train poor destitute women and children in India to be salt and light for Christ in Indian society and around the world.

Bringing Hope, Healing, and Life!

Everything we do here at Mukti Mission US is in support of the women and children at Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission. We need YOU to consider standing with those in need!

History 101

Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission

The Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission began as a response to inequalities observed by Pandita Ramabai an extraordinarily brilliant, Indian woman. At a young age, Calcutta University conferred on her the exceptional title of pandita for her academic achievements. Ramabai saw the inequalities of life heaped on the child-bride widows of her day. Rejected, alone, neglected she decided to do what she could to change the hopelessness of these children into hope. She opened a school pioneering pathways of hope for broken women and orphaned children. In 1889 she founded Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission to not only educate women and children but also to provide a place of safety and hope.

The story of Pandita Ramabai is powerful as one woman saw the needs around her, addressed them, and has influenced and impacted the nation of India for 128 years and counting!



An Extraordinary Woman

Education is a key ingredient to breaking the cycle of poverty. In 1891 26 widows and 13 unmarried girls were enrolled in this school.

Sharada Sadan

Primary School

Changing Lives through Education

Restoring poor, exploited, disenfranchised women and children of India by shaping and transforming shattered lives one at a time.

Pandita Ramabai

Mission Today

Over 100,000 Impacted

The English Medium School is influencing students to reach their potential today and impact their culture tomorrow. When complete, over 1,000 students will be enrolled for life changing educational opportunities.



A Growing Impact

Your Investment Keeps the Story of Mukti Mission Alive!

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The Women and Children

Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission is focused on bringing hope, healing, and life to Women and Children!

The older women were raised in a time when it was difficult for women to find jobs or marriages because of their backgrounds. The Mission provides a home and purpose for these women.



Currently 225+ on campus

These young women range from birth through their 20's. They are provided with a home, family, nutritious food, and a quality education.



200+ in the 'Mukti Garden'

Rejected by many because of their special needs, these valuable girls find purpose and enjoyment in life. They will be trained as far as their capacities allow or will be provided for within the Mission.



About 100 on main campus

Over 18 Homes, Day-Care Centers, and Community Development Projects provide food, education, and hope for children in 8 Indian states. For some they are the first to go to school from their family.



Over 750 in Orchard Projects

Becoming a Regular Monthly Investor Changes Lives!

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Educational Focus

Three School Streams

Marathi Language Marathi is the language spoken in the Indian state of Maharashtra. In this school stream there is the Sharada Sadan elementary school, Girls High School, and the Jr. College.

English-medium The English language is highly sought after in education as it opens many doors. There are two schools in this stream; the Manorama Memorial English medium primary school, and the Scott International High School.

Specialty Schools Additionally there are specialty schools providing specific educational needs. There is the Mukti Honors Academy for higher level students, the Computer Academy giving instruction in technology, the school for the Blind, and the Special Needs School.

Partner with us Empowering Through Education

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Fun with Numbers

1250 residents
2500 students
380 cups of chai per day
100,000 rescued since 1889

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