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Wonderfully, the Ramabai Mukti Mission has had indigenous roots from the start. It all began in 1889 when Pandita Ramabai, an extraordinarily brilliant, Indian woman, founded Mukti. Calcutta University conferred on her the exceptional title of pandita for her academic achievements. After many years of searching for truth, she personally trusted in Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord. She became His servant, pioneering pathways of hope for broken women and orphaned children.

Ramabai Stamp

In Mukti’s Centennial year, the Indian government acknowledged Ramabai’s historic contributions as a reformer and leader by issuing a commemorative postage stamp featuring her and the Ramabai Mukti Mission.

And, although it was founded in the East, Mukti has had from its very beginning an active partnership with the West. Council's provides prayer and financial support, along with training and sending volunteer workers to serve to India.

Mukti Values

What parent doesn’t desire to mold their children’s lives for the child’s best? This is Mukti’s heartbeat. The most tragic victims of suffocating poverty—and the most helpless—are the children. While India fast develops on the global technological and economic scene, it is home to hundreds of millions who live below India’s poverty line.

Poor children

“Christ-centered homes where destitute women and children—irrespective of their background—are accepted, cared for, transformed, and empowered to be salt and light in the society.” This is Mukti’s purpose statement. We provide care, food, and housing for the ‘forgotten’ with no strings attached, regardless of people’s past, race, religion, or caste.

Financial Independence

Mukti Mission is moving towards financial independence. Towards this goal, the Council's partner with Mukti on a series of Business as Mission projects. This modern, commercial complex, provides ongoing funds for expanding the reach of Mukti to the poor and needy.

A Missional Business

Financial Accountability

ECFA   Guidestar
The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability is the standard bearer for missions' organizations of integrity. Mukti’s long-term membership, since 1987, offers assurance and confidence for your giving.   GuideStar USA, Inc. is an information service specializing in reporting on U.S. non-profit companies. Founded in September 1994, the company posted nonprofit organizations' financial reports online. In 2016, Mukti became a PLATINUM Participant.

Additional accountability for US donors is assured through visits to the Mission by the Executive Director, Board members, and others in the American Council travelling to the Mission in India on a regular basis.


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Mukti Mission (MM) complies fully with federal and state charitable solicitation requirements and is a Member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Contributions to MM are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Requests for copies of recent financial statements, Form 990, annual report or other information may be directed to (908) 638-3112. Mukti Mission controls 100 percent of the funds contributed.

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