History of Mukti Mission


It all began in 1889 when Pandita Ramabai, an extraordinarily brilliant, Indian woman, founded Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission. She had demonstrated great intelligence and a hunger for spiritual things. Her search for truth was accompanied by a desire to help those in need around her. As a young woman, Calcutta University conferred on her the exceptional title of pandita for her academic achievements. After many years of searching for truth, she personally trusted in Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord. Her faith was reflected in her service to those less fortunate. Pandita Ramabai pioneered pathways of hope for broken women and orphaned children. The legacy she began 128 years ago continues today because of God’s amazing faithfulness.

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Pandita Ramabai began the Mission to provide, “Christ-centered homes where destitute women and children—irrespective of their background—are accepted, cared for, transformed, and empowered to be salt and light in the society.” For over 128 years Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission has provided care, food, housing and education for the ‘forgotten’ with no strings attached, regardless of people’s past, race, religion, or caste.

Children's Homes

Losing one or both parents shatters children’s hearts and lives. Sometimes the parental loss comes through death, sometimes through lengthy incarceration and sometimes through life-altering medical/emotional conditions. Children, whose innocence renders them incapable of dealing with such harsh realities, face futures often shadowed by fear, low self esteem and a wide variety of other hindrances (e.g. malnutrition). But God is Father to the fatherless and He has been using Mukti’s caring garden to nurture many who would have little hope without such compassion.


Education offers a solid footing for a child’s successful future. Mukti’s main campus includes 3 streams of education: Marathi-language (language spoken in Maharashtra) which covers primary school, a corresponding high school, and a Jr. College (11th and 12th grades in the west). English-language primary school and our growing Scott International High School. There are also schools for the blind and specially needy, vocational schools, a computer academy and honors academy bringing hope for higher achievement.

Women’s Homes and Home for Unwed Mothers

Next to orphaned or semi-orphaned children, of those most vulnerable in Indian society are women. Especially those in poor villages and urban slums. Mukti rescues many unfortunate women. Some have been abandoned, abused, persecuted or face mental / emotional troubles. Life necessities, counseling and/or therapy, vocational training / further education are provided. Many find gainful employment so they can reenter society as empowered, contributing citizens.

The Extensive Reach of Mukti Mission

Did you know that Mukti now has ministries in 8 Indian States? Prior to 1993, Mukti served only in the state of Maharashtra. These service points include Children’s Homes, Schools, Rescue Homes for abandoned/abused women and unwed mothers, Daycare Centers, Community Development projects, hospital and medical ministries, evangelical outreaches, and Income-Producing Projects.

Orchard Projects

Orchard Projects now dot several areas in 8 states reaching urban slums, remote villages and people areas. There are now more children in our Orchard Projects than on the main campus. Children in these Homes are cared for by married couples, their houseparents. The houseparents train them in life’s necessities, seek to guide them morally, and teach them spiritually. Houseparents in remote areas extend a hand to children’s families. In the Mukti Homes, children are sent to nearby schools for education. These children are often the first in their families to receive an education. Since these villages are remote, many have no schools within reasonable walking distance. Often adults, who have been illiterate for generations, do not see education as a priority. Children are needed in the fields to bring in food and money. These adults see themselves as low class/caste citizens who do not merit the services, education and vocations that the more well-to-do warrant.

Income Producing Projects

Over 100 years ago Pandita Ramabai purchased approx. 200 acres of land in a village where the main Mukti Mission campus stands. Little did she or anyone know the PRIME property some of it was to become. A section of the land is strategically located directly in front of a very busy railway station. Walking on this property every day, thousands of people make their way to the train station entrance to get to their workplaces and then back home. On this plot of ground, Mukti has constructed Income-Producing Properties. These structures have spaces for businesses, offices and banks. The occupied shops are providing ongoing, indigenous funds for the rising cost of Mukti’s growing reach. One section of shops is used for the empowerment of Mukti women. A cafe, shops to market and sell handmade crafts of Mukti residents, craft making areas, and other entrepreneurial skills are developing in some of the capable Mukti residents.

Other Mukti Mission Endeavors

Space and time do not allow an exhaustive description of all Mukti Mission does. A vast acreage, exceeding 160 acres, boasts an agricultural bounty. The crops produced provide food for residents and for even some for marketing in the community. The small dairy farm provides milk for residents and again, some for marketing. Community Development projects are a long-standing tradition of giving to the surrounding community. This, in turn, develops a good rapport with those living around the Mission campus. The small hospital and traveling medical services not only provide care for over 500 residents but also take medical coverage to outlying villages near the Mission. The Nursery and Adoption department aim to place abandoned babies in qualified homes. These are just some of the additional avenues of service Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission provides in India.

Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission

From One to Over 100,000! The beginnijngs of Mukti Mission were small and humble. But it quickly grew as the needs were so great! Over the ensuing years many women and children (over 100,000) have been afforded rescue and care and empowerment through the service of the Mission. Today the tradition continues as Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission brings Hope, Healing, and Life to women and children in India!

Your Investment Keeps the Story of Mukti Mission Alive!

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Why We Exist

We seek to glorify God and help fulfill the Great Commission in India by stimulating people in the USA to be aware of and support the purpose of Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission.

Our Vision

Restoring poor, exploited, disenfranchised women and children of India by shaping and transforming shattered lives one at a time.

How We Are Achieving

We seek to rescue, empower, educate and train poor destitute women and children in India to be salt and light for Christ in Indian society and around the world.

Bringing Hope, Healing, and Life!

Everything we do here at Mukti Mission US is in support of the women and children at Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission. We need YOU to consider standing with those in need!

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