Orchard Projects

Orchard Projects and Day Care Centers

Seventeen Orchard Projects / Day Care Centers now dot 7 states, reaching urban slums and remote villages. Children in these Projects are cared for by married couples, their house supervisors. The house supervisors train them in life’s necessities, seek to guide them morally, and spiritually. House supervisors in many areas extend a help and hope to children’s families.

Expansion Home Kids

Mukti Orchard Projects give kids a chance for a much better life.

In the Mukti Orchard Projects, children are sent to nearby schools for education. These children are often the first in their families to receive an education. Since these villages are remote, many have no schools within reasonable walking distance. If a school happens to exist, its teachers often lack skills that their counterparts, who teach in larger, better endowed schools, possess. Adults, who have been illiterate for generations, do not see education as a priority. Children are needed in the fields to bring in food and money for daily existence. Often adults see themselves as low class/caste citizens who do not merit the services, education and vocations that the more well-to-do warrant.

Once in schools, however, many of the children excel in their studies. As some of the Orchard Projects have been in existence for nearly two decades, many of the children are now going to colleges and/or receiving advanced training and securing good jobs.


“It’s like a dream. Who would have thought a girl, one of 6 children of illiterate parents, would have opportunity to receive an education and then a graduate degree in technology! It’s only God Who has done this for me through my Mukti Home. Recently I landed a good job with an IT company. How I praise Jesus Christ!” Mano, from an Orchard Project in central India

Four of the Orchard Projects are day-care, not residential. Children in these Care Centers come for food, tutoring and teaching in such things as hygiene and moral education. The kids are sent to school. Entire families and communities are being impacted by the positive changes they see in the children’s lives, providing many opportunities for empowerment.

Community Development

Seeking to help meet the physical needs of the hurting, Mukti reaches out in a variety of ways: micro business start-ups in villages, classes in such things as raising goats, mobile medical teams that travel to villages to provide basic medical care, government certified tailoring classes, scholarships for children of poor families, etc. And there are no strings attached to Mukti’s assistance to poor, uneducated and often helpless people.

Community development

Historic Mukti Church

This large historic Cross-shaped church was founded and constructed by Pandita Ramabai over 100 years ago. The church continues to be active as a center of worship, community and fellowship for Mukti residents.

Sunday Church Service

Mukti children singing special music during the Sunday church service

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