Rescue Homes

Rescue Homes for children may not bring solid images to your mind. Why are children being rescued? What are they being rescued from? Sadly, many of Mukti’s tots were born upon the merciless backdrop of unrelenting poverty. They struggled day after day simply to exist. Whether in urban slums or village isolation, these children faced challenges and/or abuses that sound hyped in the telling. But their stories are tragically true.

The heart of Mukti’s ministries is children. Children are a treasure and the foundation of India’s future.

Children’s Homes - Main Campus

Can you imagine parenting two dozen children?! Many of us struggle with having only a few little ones. Yet, Mukti house supervisors care for 20-25 children! They need our prayers!

Salome | Kiran | Tejashree

By the time she was just 11, one young girl had lost her father, mother, and beloved Aunty to the ravages of AIDS. Living in the putrid slums of Mumbai, she was taken to Mukti. When she arrived, she suffered with oozing sores all over her head. Her hair had to be shaved to allow for treatment. But her physical suffering was slight in comparison to the depths of her emotional pain.

Embraced into the Lotus Family, this young girl found caring and solace. She’s studying hard and wants to be successful. Healing has begun; she’s found hope and strength.

These vulnerable little ones are showered with seeds of hope and nourishing care in Mukti. Children are gathered into 14 Homes on the main campus, all bearing names of Indian flowers, e.g. Frangipani, Bougainvillea, Dahlia, Magnolia, Skyflower, etc., and are called Flower Families.

Mukti is also home to many with special needs. As if ruthless poverty isn’t enough to bear, families who have a child with special needs—whether mental or physical—frequently cannot cope with the lifelong, chronic needs that the child has and will have. These special treasures find a home in Mukti.

Asmita & Diviya

“One special needs child is blooming at Mukti. She LOVES school. Even when it’s time for her nap and she’s falling asleep in her chair, she will beg to stay in school. She loves to climb up near the teacher, hold teaching aids or books, point to a classmate and ask, ‘Ai? Ai?’ (the only word she can say) to see if they know the answer! She’s FULL of personality!”

House Supervisors and guardians oversee the children in the Flower Families, providing care and guidance, as parents would. Along with assisting life’s necessities, these caregivers conduct  devotions and supervise homework. Of course the children also attend school. As is true around the world, children who are best educated often have the greatest opportunities.

Children’s Homes - Orchard Projects

India is the most ethnically diverse nation on the globe, embracing more than 2500 distinct people groups. These are often the poorest of the poor, frequently exploited and victimized. Mukti reaches out to these needy ones, especially children, in its Orchard Projects and community development endeavors.

Nursery and Home for Unwed Mothers

Among Mukti’s best loved places, the Nursery would number at the top. Who can resist the magic of a baby or toddler? These helpless babes arrive to Mukti’s cradles and into loving arms.


Rescued babies who live in our nursery show their affection for one another.

Inadequate sanitation and lack of clean water, multiply waterborne diseases and babies and young children are most susceptible. Around 40% of India’s children under the age of 3 fall prey to malnutrition. When mothers give birth in remote villages, far from medical attention and proper hygiene, OR in the urban slums that crawl with disease and squalor, their babies are at high risk for a wide array of maladies.

Poor women, pregnant and not married, often face dangers and lifelong condemnation. Finding shelter and compassion at Mukti, they can have their babies in a safe, clean place, complete with medical care, good nutrition and counseling. As always at Mukti, help is offered in the Name of Jesus. All have their little ones and generally relinquish them to Mukti and return to their villages/homes. Some find longer-term shelter and rehabilitation at the Mission.

Women’s Homes

Next on the list of those most vulnerable would be women, especially those in poor villages and urban slums. Mukti rescues many unfortunate women. Some have been abandoned, abused, persecuted or face mental / emotional troubles. Life necessities, counseling and/or therapy, vocational training / further education are provided. Alongside this practical support, they receive messages of hope and support and guidance from staff as well as other women in their Mukti homes who are further down the road of healing. Many find gainful employment so they can reenter society as empowered, contributing citizens.

Elderly women, living in poverty, face hopelessness when their husbands die and family members have little if any resources to house and support them. Mukti’s Home of Joy is a refreshing balm for these aching souls.

Home Of Joy

Some of the Home of Joy Ladies

“After completing Bible training, I visited Mukti, was awed by the ministry and burdened to pray. The Lord clearly led me to come and serve here. Although overwhelmed at first with the massive needs and many people, I sensed God’s peace as I trusted Him and received training and encouragement from other staff.

“I serve as caretaker for the elderly in the Home of Joy. Some of these dear ladies are very frail, needing constant assistance and medication. But their hearts are full of praise for what the Lord has done in their lives. I enjoy leading Bible studies and my prayer times with them have been a great inspiration: they have so much to teach me! How I praise and thank our Lord for He is a good God.”  Home of Joy staff

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