5 Schools

Wouldn’t we all agree that a good education is a prerequisite for success in a child’s future? Since this is foundational to the Mission's beliefs, all the resident children attend Mukti schools, but they compose less than ¼ of Mukti’s school population. The majority of students are from surrounding villages, many with no other access to education.

Sharada Sadan Primary School

Nearly 1,000 girls and boys pack into this Marathi-language, K-4 school. (17 major languages are spoken in India. Marathi is the one spoken in the state of Maharashtra.) Offering village kids this primary, academic foundation greatly boosts their future potential.


The elementary students are all geared up to learn.

Manorama Memorial Girls’ High School

Almost 1,000 5th to 10th graders attend this Marathi-medium girls’ school (most middle-grade to pre-college education in India is gender separate).  Two streams of study are offered: Marathi and Semi-English.  The Semi-English stream offers Mathematics and Science taught in English.

Our high school students enjoy their studies.

Mukti English-Medium School

The newest of the Mukti Schools, this academy educates pre-school through 10th grade. Over 800 students attend. Since English is the global, business and educational medium, children with English proficiency possess greater potential, but...

More students are enrolling for next year!  The new high school building has been opened with 9 classrooms, office space, and three labs enabling the high school section to have its own facility. Work is now commencing on Phase 3 (3 classrooms and staff space) projected to be completed by June, 2017, at a cost of US$150,000.

Your prayers and gifts = a real difference in children's lives.

English Medium School students are eager to learn.

Sheetal reading braille

Sheetal reading braille.

School for the Blind & the Specially Needy

The School for the Blind educates Mukti’s resident blind children and is taught by blind teachers. Children learn to read Braille and are given opportunity to advance in their education as far as they are able.

Mukti is home to many with special needs. Education is provided to help them develop to their fullest potential; vocational skills, such as candle-making, are taught as well. These colorful, scented candles are then marketed.

Vocational Schools

Skills that can enhance earning potential for women are taught: gov’t-certified tailoring classes, fabric painting, beading, jewelry making, card making and stitchery.

Students learn tailoring at the vocational school.

Additional Training

Manorama Memorial Girls Junior College

A Junior College in the Indian educational system consists of 11th and 12th grade. Mukti’s Junior College opened in 2013 and is beside our High School, making a seamless transition from 10th grade into 11th.

The Junior College building.

Computer Academy

Can you envision children who were living in entrenched poverty and deprivation learning computer skills in a ‘state of the art’ computer academy? This is exactly what is happening. Hundreds of children go through classes and hands-on training.

Students in the computer academy learn how to use technology.

Honors Academy

Also, as an added emphasis, an Honors’ Academy has been initiated for gifted children. Recently a Mukti friend donated funds to renovate a facility with first class computers, software, materials and more space. What a joy to see the honors’ kids, actively engaged in learning, receiving after-school tutoring, academic enrichment and encouragement to excel to their full potential.

Honor students await the start of class.

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